eCO2 SLC Series Gas Lasers From JK Lasers

Gas lasers are highly reliable industrial tools, with high performance and low maintenance.

They can be used for specialised industrial materials processing applications, due to using speciality gases as a lasing medium These include:

  • laser marking of plastics

  • wood

  • ablative laser drilling

  • polymers ceramics

The JK range of DC excited CO2 lasers feature:

  • Powers from 65W - 220W at 10.6µm TEM00;
  • Proven diffusion cooled designs;
  • Long life high vacuum sealed technology;
  • Unique beam profiles available from dual-tube beam combining technology;
  • Easy integration;
  • Standard or custom systems with bare tubes and power supplies offered to OEMs, as well as cased models;
  • Full complement of accessories, including power meters shutters and alignment laser

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