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COBALT XL Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Technologies offers an advanced laser marking machine called COBALT XL. The system has an extendable Z-axis and an XL marking area. It also features a high precision digital scan head and comes with a laptop.

The COBALT XL is available with a variety of options such as an optional low cost conveyor system with automatic and manual load, an automatic high precision linear barring axis marking area with a standard 160fl lens, 360 degree Rotary indexer with 2 positions for fast loading while marking, wavelength safety glasses, amongst others.


The specifications of the COBALT XL are provided in the table below:

Max Marking Area Standard 163 FL Lens: 4.33" x 4.33"
Optional 100 FL Lens: 2.15" x 2.15"
Optional 254 FL Lens: 6.89" x 6.89"
Machine Footprint 39.15" W x 35.52" D x 44.15"H
Max Workpiece 20”(508mm)H x 34"(863mm)W x 29"(736mm)D
Laser Power 10W standard, optional 20-50W
Laser Type Ytterbium fiber laser
Wavelength 1064 - 1090nm depending on model
kHz 0-500kHz depending on model
Electrical Requirements 110VAC (15A)
Scan Head LMT digital scan head


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