Fast and Sensitive Integrated Bench-Top Luminescence Spectrometer - Quattro™ from Optical Building Blocks Corporation

Optical Building Blocks has introduced Quattro™, the world’s fastest and most sensitive bench-top luminescence spectrometer.

Quattro is compact, easy to use and affordably priced. It is more sensitive than other competing bench-top systems and is the result of an extensive development to design a new, improved integrated luminescence spectrometer.

Quattro includes a number of features, such as a bright light source, single pulse decay acquisition capability, and advanced monochromators. All these features are combined into an elegant design to provide users with fast and high-quality experimental results.

Key Features

The main features of the Quattro are:

  • 1µs lamp flash to obtain entire decay curve
  • 7,500:1 SNR water Raman
  • Lifetime-based temperature ramping
  • Lifetime-based reaction kinetics
  • Pre-scan 3-D wavelength optimization
  • Real-time 1-4 exponential decay fits
  • Fully automated and self-calibrating

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