Sinar AP Moisture Analyzer

The Sinar AP Moisture Analyzer is world renowned for quickly and accurately determining moisture content in coffee. From parchment and green bean to roasted and ground coffee, the Sinar AP allows you to determine the quality of your coffee quickly and accurately without having to use charts, scales or thermometers. The Sinar’s portable and rugged design ensures that repeatable and reliable testing can be done anywhere, in the field during harvest or during the roasting and grinding process. Not only is the Sinar accurate, all calibrations have been verified for accuracy and meet industry requirements, it offers crucial moisture readings in just 6 seconds.


  • FAST - Receive moisture test results in 6 seconds.
  • ACCURATE - Revised calibrations ensure accurate results, +/-
  • PORTABLE - Battery operated unit weighs less than 2 kg so you can test anywhere.0.03%.
  • EASY - No need to grind your sample.
  • FLEXIBLE - Unit allows 7 calibration curves that you can choose from a large database or you can make your own to meet all your testing needs.

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