Small Area Solar Simulators – LCS-100 Series

Oriel Instruments has introduced the new LCS-100 Series Solar Simulators that are specifically designed for researchers requiring the performance of a certified system over a small area of illumination. These simulators feature an AM1.5G standard filter, but other air mass filters are also available as options.

Two models of LCS-100 systems are available; both include a manual slide shutter to shut off the beam for safety reasons. A model with an electronic shutter is also available for external trigger applications. All simulators meet Class ABB as defined by the IEC and ASTM standards.

Key Features

The main features of the LCS-100 Series Solar Simulators are:

  • Compact design - integrated power supply, homogenizer, ignitor and lamp housing
  • Low cost alternative for PV cell research requiring small area of illumination
  • Variable attenuator allows partial sun irradiance
  • Simple, "drop-in" lamp assembly requires no lamp alignment
  • Integrated 2 inch filter holder
  • Compliant to current IEC and ASTM standards for AM1.5G operation at 1.0 sun output

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