Deuterium Light Sources for Spectroscopy and Microscope Illumination - Q Series from Oriel Instruments

The preferred source for UV spectroscopy is deuterium lamps. Other light sources have a blackbody type spectra, with low UV emission and high visible light output. In addition, many photodetectors have higher sensitivity in the visible wavelengths rather than UV. For UV spectroscopy applications, this often causes the significant problem of stray light. The result is that the signal produced by the scattered, visible light exceeds the real signal in the UV. However, the unique output spectrum of deuterium lamps begin in the Vacuum, UV (VUV) region at 160 nm and extends into UVA region extinguishing at 400 nm. Unlike other lamp types, the low visible and infrared light output ensure superior signal to noise for UV light measurement.

Key Features

The key features of the Q Series are:

  • High UV output with little VIS and IR; ideal for UV spectroscopy and microscope illumination
  • Systems are simple and safe to operate
  • Choose between 3 different spectral outputs and irradiance levels
  • Highly stable power supply

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