2048 Pixel CCD Detector LineSpec Spectrometer – the 78877 from Oriel Instruments

The 7887 Oriel LineSpec CCD Array Spectrometer includes a MS125 Spectrograph, a 2048 CCD detector with mounting flange, LineSpec Software, and customer’s choice of diffraction grating and entrance slit with input slit holder. The MS125 is the preferred spectrograph for these systems, because of its compact size, economical price, as well as high resolution and throughput. The MS125 is a micrometer-driven, 1/8m (120mm) focal length instrument with a 200 to 1100 nm wavelength range.

Key Features

The key features of the 78877 are:

  • 2048 CCD linear array
  • True plug and play systems with USB interface
  • New intuitive spectroscopic software
  • Interchangeable entrance slits and diffraction gratings
  • Up to an impressive 0.22 nm resolution



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