Fogging Tester FT-F1 from Qualitest

The FT-F1 Fogging tester is designed to test the fogging characteristics of automotive interior materials in accordance to DIN 75201, ISO 6452, SAE J1756. Testing the fogging characteristics of interior materials in auto mobiles has become increasingly important in order to minimize harmful contaminants and ensure safe driving conditions. The fogging characteristics are determined with high accuracy using Qualitest’s FT-F1 fogging tester.

The instrument is designed for laboratory use and features advanced software that yields fast and accurate results. The Ft-F1 fogging tester conforms to the following standards: ISO 6452, DIN 75201, SAE J1756. Fogging tests measure the tendency for plastic or elastomeric materials to volatize substances which can condense and collect on other surfaces when in use. These tests provide 2 methods for evaluating the likelihood of a material to leave a light scattering film on a glass surface (photometric method), or to deposit foreign material onto an aluminum foil surface (gravimetric method). The tests are used to evaluate materials to be used in automotive or other vehicle interiors.


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