AMT’s XR50 TEM camera is equipped with a retracting side-mount or mid-mount, a large format sensor with 5 megapixels, and a high performance lens.

XR50S-A side-mount is a wide-angle configuration with approximately 100% photographic field-of-view imaging. The side-mount camera is fixed on a 35mm port. XR50M-A mid-mount is a multi-purpose configuration with approximately 30% of the photographic field-of-view imaging.

On optical aspects, the camera has high speed and high resolution finite conjugate AMT "A -Lens" with low f-number, which provides excellent sensitivity and unmatched sharpness. The lens has distortion below 1% in the field of view.

Key Features

The main features of the XR50 TEM camera are:

  • Maximum viewing speeds
  • 11µm square pixels at phosphor; pixels range from 4 to 5 megapixels based on the specific TEM
  • Scientific grade, progressive scan CCD sensor in anti-blooming design
  • Full and sub-area dual port readout
  • Mechanical shutter with adjustable exposures or electronic shutter devoid of beam blanking
  • High speed GigE digital interface for transfer and control of data
  • Digital acquisition and control software supports TEM image acquisition

Other Equipment