Melting Point M-565 from BUCHI

BUCHI offers the Melting Point M-565 designed for automatic measurements of boiling and melting points. The instrument includes a video camera as well as a video replay function for evaluating the boiling and melting point determination.

Key Features

The main features of the Melting Point M-565 are as follows:

  • Professional quality control
  • Large colour display ensures quality control of the instrument and aids users to measure melting points
  • Automatically determines boiling and melting points
  • Fail-safe calibration with automatic determination and storage of calibration results
  • Enhanced reproducibility with standardized packing of the capillary utilizing the Sample Loader M-569
  • Highly precise temperature regulation and measurement
  • Controls different types of samples by measuring boiling point, melting point or slip melting point
  • Monitors and replays the phase transition using color display and video recording
  • Double checks various samples by comparing automated and manual measurement
  • Determines three different samples simultaneously
  • Optimized design of the heating block enables rapid cooling times and higher samples throughput per hour
  • Optional Printer and Keyboard
  • Includes optional MeltingPoint Monitor Software for easy management of methods and results
  • Compliant with Pharmacopeia methods (European, USP, Japanese)
  • Optional IQ/OQ Documentation

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