Outotec PSI® 500 Particle Size Analyzer

The advanced Outotec PSI® 500 technology provides you with real-time information, which can be used to significantly improve your operations. Particle size monitoring and control improves throughput and helps to maintain target grind in the grinding circuit. Additionally, it improves the downstream process by minimizing reagent consumption, increasing recoveries and making thickening and filtration more effective.

Particle size monitoring and control increases average throughput and reduces particle size variability in grinding ciruit products. Reagent consumption is minimized and recoveries increased downstream. Furthermore, thickening and filtration are easier with a more consistent feed.

A critical variable for grinding circuit control is the product particle size. Particle size measurement from cyclone or other classifier overflow is the industry practice today. Particle Size Analyzer is an on-line sizing system for mineral slurries. It provides real-time and accurate particle size distribution measurements. It is used to monitor and control grinding, classification and thickening in mineral processing plants.

Information from the particle size analyzer and other on-line analyzers is used for closed loop and expert system control. We have long experience in providing advanced control solutions for grinding circuits.

Process Benefits

  • Maximum troughoutput
  • Maximum recovery
  • Minumum reagent costs
  • Minimum dewatering costs
  • Optimal quality

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