The IDB100F/LDB101F brightfield LED – An Constant and Intense Light Source

The LDB100/101F brightfield LED optimizes the amount of light transmission, as it can be directly fitted into the lamphouse couplings of most major microscopes, making it a suitable replacement to halogen lamp based light sources.

With user-controllable intensity, the LDB100/101F is a suitable light source for a wide variety of life science applications, DIC, brightfield, or phase contrast techniques. This is due to its ability to generate an intense, uniform light illumination with homogenous color temperature and service life of 10,000 hours.

The background fluorescence, caused by stray light exciting the LED and generating small amounts of vibration and heat, is reduced thanks to the unique flip in the 550 nm filter. With the LDB100/101F sensitive samples can be handled with minimal disruption. The use of the ProScanIII controller allows the user to switch on and off the LED through software. Very rapid switching is also achievable using a TTL connection. The LDB100/101F is available as a standalone kit, or supplied with the ProScan® III controller.

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Key Features

  • TTL control
  • Flip in filter at 550 nm
  • Instant switch on/off
  • It is possible to integrate the light source into Nikon Ti Hub through LDBNHUB adapter

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