Large Format Microscope Stage with 302 x 302mm Travel Range and 6µm Repeatability - H112

Prior Scientific’s H112 Large Format Stage has a large movement range, and high precision. These capabilities, along with 6 µm repeatability, make the stage a suitable component for use in the detailed investigation of large objects. The repeatability can be further improved with the addition of linear scales.

With accurate and automated movement, the H112 is able to handle even larger samples. Both glass and aluminum insert options are available based on the application. Wafer chuck inserts are also available for the analysis of large semiconductor wafers. The stage is capable of handling loads of up to 25 kg. Prior Scientific also offers other large format stages, with travel ranges of 154 x 154 mm and 256 x 215 mm.

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Key Features

  • Maximum load of 25 kg
  • Travel range of 302 x 302 mm
  • 6 µm repeatability

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