AMD Intectra QuAS3AR Mass Spectrometer

The new AMD QuAS3AR is designed for the demanding challenges in Life Sciences and Environmental Analyses. The future orientated AMD QuAS3AR combines all advantages of magnetic sector, time of flight and quadrupole technologies resulting in an unmatched summation of success parameters. Unique combination of ionization techniques results in outstanding features for GC/MS, LC/MS and future CE/MS


  • Electric recording of mass spectra covering 1.2 mass decades by simultaneous multi channel scanning
  • Fast scan speed achieving up to 30 spectra per sec for full scan
  • Accurate mass measurements better than 5 ppm at dynamic working resolution (6000 FWHM)
  • Outstanding long term stability of external calibration and use of one lock mass for full mass range
  • Large dynamic range and drastically improved specificity for quantitative SIM analyses using new de-convolution methodologies


  • A compact double focussing magnetic sector analyzer applying Mattauch-Herzog ion optical geometry
  • Focal plane for the detection of highly resolved ions in a wide mass range at constant magnetic field
  • Unique AMD QuAS3AR technology using parallel multi channel detection system
  • Latest digital hardware technolgy for data acquisition and processing and sophisticated new software

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