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The LMS-650 and LMS-650XS are a part of the LMS series, and these Excimer Lasers provide transparent, invisible and high-contrast marks on both gemstones and diamonds.

The LMS Lasers are the only laser systems on the market which are mainly used in the gemstone and diamond sector. Error-free software allows a preview of an inscription superimposed on a diamond before being engraved. This makes it impossible to miss a mark. The LMS-650XS has the capacity to make both high contrast and invisible marks, and makes it simple to engrave a message on the diamonds. It is also possible to add to a diamond girdle.

Key Features

The main features of the LMS-650 and the LMS-650XS are as follows:

  • Guaranteed to not fracture diamonds
  • Employed in all major labs
  • No-vibration gas circulation system and patented intra-cavity gain control
  • Makes both high-contrast and invisible marks


The main applications of the LMS-650 and the LMS-650XS are as follows:

  • Ideal for making transparent, invisible and high contrast inscriptions such as,
    • Certification numbers
    • Store names
    • Logos
    • Personalized messages
    • Signatures
    • Security marks
    • Photographs
  • Gemstone and cold laser diamond marking

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