Grace Instrument M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer

The Grace Instrument M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer is a coaxial cylinder, rotational, high pressure, and high temperature rheometer. It is engineered to measure various rheological properties of fluids (including API HPHT tests) under a range of pressures and temperatures, up to 30,000 psi and 500 °F. An optional cement module is also available for testing the rheology of cements.

The M7500 is built with a thick-walled steel pressure cell, which is surrounded by a fail-safe steel containment vessel to ensure operator safety. It is designed for easy test set up, sample loading and post-test cleaning. Cool-down after tests can be sped up by connecting a tap water supply or a chiller into the M7500’s cooling fluid loop

The M7500 is engineered for safe testing with extreme pressure and temperature settings:

  • safe operation
  • LCD display
  • sturdy
  • sample integrity
  • PC interface
  • digital
  • automatic
  • repeatable results
  • test flexibility
  • low maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Tests are simple to set up and run with Grace M7500 Software
  • Customizable charts and real-time data are displayed during tests
  • Data can be instantly exported into Microsoft® Excel™

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