TurboDisc K465i GaN MOCVD System from Veeco Instrument

The TurboDisc® K465i™ GaN MOCVD System is the newest entry into Veeco's K-Series platform, which is production-proven and provides high productivity and for HB LED high-volume production fabs around the globe. The K465i achieves up to 90% yield (5nm bin) due to its superior uniformity and excellent run-to-run repeatability. K465i also offers the industry's highest productivity due to its full automation and shortened recovery period after maintenance.

Key Features

  • Combines the industry's highest capital efficiency with the highest productivity and best-in-class yields.
  • Based on production-proven, high throughput K465 platform
  • Incorporates new Uniform FlowFlange® technology for highest within wafer uniformity and ultimate process repeatability
  • The simplified design provides ease of tuning for fast production qualification and fast recovery after maintenance
  • Low maintenance TurboDisc® technology enables the highest system availability
  • Lowest cost of ownership for maximum profitability

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