CHI900B Scanning Electrochemical Microscope

The CHI900B Scanning Electrochemical Microscope consists of a digital function generator, a bipotentiostat, high resolution data acquisition circuitry, a three dimensional nanopositioner, and a sample and cell holder. Diagrams for the SECM and cell/sample holder are shown below. The three dimensional nanopositioner has a spatial resolution down to one nanometer but it allows a maximum traveling distance of several centimeters. The potential control range of the bipotentiostat is ± 10 V and the current range is ± 10 mA. The instrument is capable of measuring current down to 1 pA.

In addition to SECM imaging, three other modes of operation are available for scanning probe applications: Surface Patterned Conditioning, Probe Scan Curve, and Probe Approach Curve. Surface Patterned Conditioning allows user to edit a pattern for surface conditioning by controlling the tip at two different potentials and durations. The Probe Scan Curve mode allows the probe to move in the X, Y, or Z direction while the probe and substrate potentials are controlled and currents are measured. The probe can be stopped when the current reaches a specified level. This is particularly useful in searching for an object on the surface and determining approach curves. The Probe Approach Curve mode allows the probe to approach the surface of the substrate. It is also very useful in distinguishing the surface process, using PID control. The step size is automatically adjusted to allow fast surface approach, without letting the probe touching the surface.

The CHI900B is designed for scanning electrochemical microscopy, but many conventional electrochemical techniques are also integrated for convenience, such as CV, LSV, CA, CC, DPV, NPV, SWV, i-t, DPA, DDPA, TPA, and CP. When it is used as a bipotentiostat, the second channel can be controlled at an independent constant potential, to scan or step at the same potential as the first channel, or to scan with a constant potential difference with the first channel. The second channel works with CV, LSV, CA, DPV, NPV, SWV, and i-t.

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