USFW-100 Flange Mounted Filter Wheel

The USFW-100 is a flange mounted filter wheel capable of holding up to six 1 inch [25.4 mm] diameter filters, sold individually. It can be incorporated with any motorized Oriel monochromator or spectrograph or could be used as a stand-alone model. Select a filter position employing commands from a manual pushbutton, the monochromator or spectrograph software, or low level commands via a USB interface.

A suitable access port permits users to replace filters without breaking down the optical setup. Filter positions are clearly marked on the wheel for effortless installation. An LED indicator displays the filter positioned in the optical path while it is being used.

A light-tight seal against background light is provided by flange mounting the filter wheel. The standard Oriel 1.5 inch male and female flanges allow the USFW-100 to couple with other Oriel accessories and instruments. A mounting post and post holder can be used for additional support. Threaded holes are provided for both imperial and metric support hardware.

Technical Specs

  • Type: Motorized Filter Wheel
USFW-100 Universal Filter Wheel

USFW-100 Flange Mounted Filter Wheel

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