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High-Quality Marine and Offshore Steel Plate

Leeco Steel has knowledge regarding the heritage of shipbuilding in America. Whether it is an aircraft carrier, submarine, yacht, or a cruise ship, American inventiveness has left a permanent mark on the way a ship is constructed. What is key is that it all starts with quality plate steel, which Leeco has ready to launch.

Offshore and Marine Steel Plates

ABS GRADE A, B, AH36, DH36, EH36 — These are the higher strength class of grades certified by the American Bureau of Shipbuilding.

API 2H Grade 50 — API 2H Grade 50 is a normalized, intermediate-strength, structural steel plate regulated by the American Petroleum Institute and in certain instances certified by ABS.

A633 — The specification covers high-strength, normalized, low-alloy structural steel plates for riveted, welded, or bolted construction.

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