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Caterpillar Spec Steel Plate in a Variety of Imperial/Metric Sizes

Leeco Steel is a proud approved vendor of Caterpillar Spec Steel Plate. All grades are proprietary to CAT. Leeco Steel manufactures the grades below in a range of imperial and metric sizes.

Caterpillar Spec Steel Plates

  • 1E0650
  • 1E0357
  • 1E0860
  • 1E1021
  • 1E0742
  • 1E1259
  • 1E1247
  • 1E1242
  • 1E0577
  • 1E0170
  • 1E1839
  • 1E0653
  • 1E1006
  • 1E0065
  • 1E0682
  • 1E1863


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