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European Standard Structural Steel Plate

Leeco Steel provides structural steel plate that meets the European standard for structural steel. Leeco Steel carries EN 10025:2004, in grades of S235, S275, S355, S420, S690, and S890.

The EN 10025:2004 includes a wider array of structural metallic products and segregates them into six basic categories:

  • General-purpose steels
  • Normalized/normalized-rolled weldable fine-grain structural steels
  • Atmospheric corrosion-resistant structural steel (“weathering steel”)
  • Non-alloy structural steels
  • High-strength, quenched, and tempered structural steel
  • Thermo-mechanically rolled weldable fine-grain structural steel

There are individual grades within these six categories. The tested yield strength of the material measured in megapascals (1 MPa = 0.145 ksi) is the foundation of each grade within the EN 10025 standard. Every structural steel grade starts with an “S” and is followed by suffixes representing dissimilarities in the specific requirement for that structural application.

Example: S355K2C+N

  • “S”—Structural steel
  • “355”—355 MPa/51,486 PSI
  • “K2”—Longitudinal Charpy V-notch Impact 40 J at −20 °C
  • “C”—Grade appropriate for cold forming
  • “+N”—Supply condition normalized or normalized rolled

EN Standard Steel Plates

S235—S235 structural steel plate meets European structural steel standard EN 10025:2004.

S275—S275 structural steel plate can be riveted, bolted, and welded in an entire range of fabrication and construction projects.

S355—S355 can be used in nearly each facet of structural fabrication, such as components for offshore structures, bridge components, power plants, etc.

S420—S420 structural steel plate is a low-alloy, high-strength European standard structural steel within the EN 10025:2004 standard.

S690—S690 is a fine-grain, Q&T, high-strength structural steel.

S890—S890 is a high-strength, super-fine-grain structural steel.

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