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Pressure Vessel Quality (PVQ) Steel Plate

Leeco Steel is your resource of choice for pressure vessel steel plate.

Pressure vessel quality (PVQ) steel plate is used for manufacturing pressure vessels, which are closed containers constructed to hold liquids or gases at a pressure considerably different from the ambient pressure.

Pressure Vessel Steel Plate Varieties

A516 GRADE 55, 60, 65, 70 — A516 steel plate is carbon steel with specifications for pressure vessel plates and lower or moderate temperature service.

TC128 — TC128-grade B is a normalized steel plate that is used in pressurized railroad tank cars.

A612 — A612 is used for lower and moderate temperature pressure vessel applications.

A537 — A537 is heat-treated and, as a result, exhibits greater tensile and yield strength compared to more standard A516 grades.

A285 — A285 steel plates are aimed for fusion-welded pressure vessels and typically delivered in the as-rolled condition.

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