Desktop Dynamic Mechanical Analyser - DMA 25

DMA25 is a desktop DMA offering a high force range up to 25N and outstanding flexibility from glass transition determination to immersed tests, which makes it a powerful thermomechanical testing platform.

Main assets of the Desktop Dynamic Mechanical Analyser - DMA 25 from 01dB-Metravib include:

  • High force: 25 Newtons (peak)
  • Upgradeable to 50 Newtons for stiff materials or big specimens
  • Broad frequency range: from 1E-5Hz to 200 Hz
  • Temperature range: from -150°C to 500°C
  • Analysis of specimens with sizes representative of the material
  • Dynatest flexible and user-friendly software including advanced control algoritms
  • High performance of the auto-tension mode (coupled static/dynamic control) for film and 3 points bending modes
  • Multi-purpose thermal chamber
  • Reversible frame
  • Possible immersed tests for all stress modes at no extra cost
  • Humidity control capability
  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Reduced maintenance

Main uses for the Desktop Dynamic Mechanical Analyser - DMA 25 from 01dB-Metravib are:

  • DMA, TMA and simultaneous DMA/TMA tests, with DYNATEST software
  • Determination of glass and sub-glass transitions
  • Particularly well suited to polymers and composites
  • Analysis of films and specimens with small stiffnesses
  • Tests on materials immersed in a liquid
  • Materials humidity dependence analysis
  • R&D / quality control
  • Education / Lab work


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