SavantAA Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer from GBC Scientific Equipment

The SavantAA is a fully automated, multi-element instrument with many of the features that have proven successful in the Avanta PM. It is a true double beam instrument with all reflective optics. Naturally it is fully computer controlled using the latest in PC technology. Some of the advanced features of the SavantAA include:

  • An eight lamp motorized turret
  • Automatic lamp optimization and peaking
  • Automatic wavelength setting
  • Automatic slit width setting
  • Automatic slit height setting
  • Slits width setting from 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments
  • Slits height setting from 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments
  • HYPER-PULSE background correction
  • USB communications
  • SavantAA Windows Vista® software
  • Assymetric Modulation
  • Narrow Beam All Reflective Optics
  • Optional Coded Lamp Recognition
  • Optional Automatic Burner Rotation
  • Optional Built in 10 V Super Lamp power supply for 1 or 4 lamps

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