A Pulsed Diode Laser Light Source for High-Speed Cameras

CAVILUX H, available from Cavitar, is a multipurpose, sturdy, and high-performance pulsed diode laser light source. The laser light source is best suited for high-speed cameras, and a perfect and flexible tool for scientific and industrial R&D operations.

Conventional applications of the laser light source include ballistics and explosions, material testing, flow and spray studies, and welding. CAVILUX HF can be used in combination with shadowgraphy and schlieren optical solutions.

CAVILUX HF has a high maximum duty cycle (2%) that allows it to function at frame rates of up to several hundreds of thousands of frames per second.


  • Low-coherence and monochromatic light
  • Pulse length varies from 50 ns to 200 µs
  • Pulses can be generated at a high speed of up to 20,000 fps, or at an ultra-high-speed of up to 1 million fps
  • Replaceable illumination optics and fiber optics offer greater flexibility
  • High power and brightness (up to 500 W coupled to a fiber with a diameter of 1.5 mm)


The CAVILUX HF can be used in different types of industries. Cavitar’s customers have utilized it in the applications listed below:

  • Flows and sprays
  • Welding
  • Ballistics and explosions
  • Shockwaves

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