QuadPro Resistivity Wafer Mapping System from Lucas Signatone

The QuadPro includes a computer, stepper controller, and base station with either a 200 or 300mm diameter isolated chuck.

The software allows for selecting 1, 5, 9, 25 or 49 points for automated testing and mapping of the test sample. Positioning patterns may be set to either round or square configuration.

The edge exclusion may also be defined. On the first measurement, the software auto ranges the meter finding the best settings for the sample testing. Dual configuration assures that errors introduced by the probe head manufacturer are eliminated, increasing the repeatability and accuracy of measurements. The Software controller automatically steps to each position and records the X-Y position, Sheet Resistance, Resistivity and V/I measurement in a visible table.


  • Reports average resistivity, resistivity standard deviation, average sheet resistance and sheet resistance standard deviation
  • Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) measurements integrated with automated temperature chuck and source meter (optional).
  • Automated 2D & 3D contour mapping
  • Employs the dual configuration testing method for improved accuracy and repeatability
  • For samples 10 to 300mm
  • 1 to 49 NIST traceable automated measurements per sample

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