MDP Ingot - Ingot or Wafer Mapping System from Freiberg Instruments

MDPingot tool series feature a robust design for quick, flexible mapping of multicristalline silicon bricks and wafers. Simultaneous measurement of minority carrier lifetime, photoconductivity, resistivity and sample flatness, all maps at the same time. Setup of this tool is very easy only power is needed. All measurement necessities including workstation with database are included. Sample loading can be done manually or by a robot system. Measurement speed of less than four minutes for a 156 x 156 x 400 mm standard brick @ 1 mm resolution. Resistivity mapping option comes with long time stability without frequent recalibration. Calibration sets for reference measurements are available as well. Spatial resolved measurement of conduction type transformations due to segregation and over compensation of the intended doping type can be investigated for the first time with a high spatial resolution.

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