Thin Film Deposition (TFD) Evaporator Systems from MBraun Incorporated

MBRAUN thin film deposition systems are engineered for use in university research, as well as in large-scale industrial applications. We offer both standard and custom thin film deposition systems.

Building multi-layer thin film layers requires pure atmospheric conditions (<1 ppm of Oxygen and moisture), and that fine particles are removed quickly, reliably and continuously. MBRAUN OLED/PLED thin film evaporator gloveboxes have been designed for the deposition of multilayer thin films; without disturbing intermediate layers caused by physi, or chemi-sorption.

MBRAUN thin film deposition systems and components are highly reliable systems that routinely achieve coating uniformities of <5% in semiconductor device fabrication applications. Product configurations range from stand-alone bell jars to automatic loading systems in gloveboxes for the coating of wafers (and other applications) ranging in size from 2" to 300mm.

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