Hegewald and Peschke Universal Testing Machine - 20kN

The materials testing machines of the series Inspekt table blue have been designed for standard applications with a repeated testing task. The series of machines is especially suited for employment in quality assurance and is characterised by a very good price/performance ratio. During simple tests, an external computer is unnecessary, due to the fact that Inspekt table blue machines can work in stand-alone mode. For more challenging tasks, it is possible to connect different load cells and clip-on or long distance extensometers to the controller.

Load Frame

Inspekt table blue machines can be ordered as 5, 10, or 20kN models. Customers can choose between a desktop and a stand-alone model. However, retrofitting to the other model is possible at any time and with little effort. A DC-motor and a free from play pre-stressed ball screw spindle are responsible for driving the machine. In order to protect the spindle units from excessive contamination, a set of special bellows can be employed optionally.

Load Measurement

Load measurement in the Inspekt table blue series is ensured with the help of a resistive wire strain measuring device. Furthermore, the machines’ electronic measuring equipment allows for class 1 measuring accuracy according to DIN EN ISO 7500 in the range of 0.8 to 100% nominal load. As an option, it is even possible to get class 0.5 measuring accuracy. All load cells installed in the Inspekt table blue series are equipped with sensor plugs, which guarantee automatic detection of set-up and calibration parameters

Other Equipment