Protec Mini Sheet Counter from Advanced Dynamics

PROTEC MINI sheets counter is the table version of PROTEC sheets counter. The optimization of the applied technologies, allowed us to create an easy, compact and economical machine suitable for medium-low production volumes (up to 1,000,000 sheets/month), keeping all the technical features, which make our sheets counters unique in the market.

PROTEC MINI uses the counting head, which is realized with our DUAL SYSTEM, a counting system provided with a couple of aspirant plates. Counting process is not made by optical or statistical means; all the sheets are physically counted, one by one. The system allows the counting of paper, cardboard and plastic, also inserting a tab for packs separation; another unique feature of our sheets counters, is that they count from the top downwards, making it possible to take away the sheets from the top of the stack (and not from the bottom), simplifying all operator's activities.

In spite of its reduced dimensions, PROTEC MINI can count a wide range of sheets weights (from 40GSM to 500GSM), with imperceptible corner deforming, and the adjustments required for a format change (change of thickness of the material to be counted) are extremely quick, and do not need any mechanical tools. In fact, it is necessary only the replacement, by hand, of two small plastic plates.

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