PCB Hand Assembly Workstation from MASCOT

MASCOT is a uniquely precise and rapid hand assembly solution for populating Printed Circuit Boards. MASCOT minimises PCB assembly time, significantly improves production quality and offers far greater flexibility for through-hole & odd form insertion, inspection and rework. Using MASCOT can eliminate set up time making it perfect for manufacturers who produce a high mix of PCBs and have small to medium sized batch runs.

MASCOT is the essence of Lean Manufacturing. MASCOT ensures that the right component is placed in the right position, in the right orientation every time, at speed. Not only does MASCOT significantly reduce the time that it takes operators to populate their PCBs, but our customers report that the number of mistakes made by operators have reduced by 60% since the implementation of their MASCOT systems. The user friendly operation requires virtually no training and allows for even non-experienced operators to begin building PCBs immediately. Program changes can be made simply & quickly, supporting Kaizen continuous improvement

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