Mega PCB Clean and Test System

The Mega II is an efficient, automated closed loop, solvent regenerative, electronic assembly and parts cleaning system with quantitative ionic detection, removal and statistical process control capability.

  • Designed for high reliability application
  • Closed Loop Regenerative Cleaning System, No waste Stream, No Drain
  • Environmentally Safe Design
  • Onboard filters and resins
  • Extremely low operating cost
  • Cleans to same level, automatic process control
  • Wash, rinse, test and dry in one chamber
  • Fast cycle times
  • Test and cleans simultaneously, ISO 9002 process control
  • Chamber sizes up to 23" x 9' x 12"
  • Spray under immersion, solvent wash and solvent rinse
  • Optional DI water rinse, optional second chemistry wash
  • Optional ultrasonic energy to facilitate particle removal

Other Equipment