Strainoptics PS-100 Polarimeter

Strainoptics' PS-100 Polarimeter System is a modular system, available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The systems described below are our most popular packages. Contact us if you are uncertain which package is the best choice for your application.

PS-100-SF Standard Field Polarimeter - General-purpose desktop system, with a 200 x 200 mm viewing area. Includes a circular/plane polarized illuminator and analyzer. Precision measurement of retardation, birefringence, orientation, stress or strain can be achieved in accordance with widely accepted test methods.

PS-100-MW Polarimeter - Supplied with a 75mm high-intensity light source, a microscope, and a measuring wedge assembly. Often used to evaluate surface compression and mid-plane tension in a glass slice. High magnification (PS-100-HM, recommended for chemically strengthened glass - not shown) and video zoom microscope systems are also available.

PS-100-1011 Large Field Polarimeter - Tripod-mounted analyzer for horizontal viewing of larger samples; features a 250 x 280 mm viewing area. Ideal for automotive glass and container glass applications.

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