Liquid Nitrogen Generator - Model UBLN 10 from Universal Industrial Plants Manufacturing

Universal Industrial Plants Manufacturing manufacture Liquid Nitrogen Generators, Nitrogen Gas Generators and Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generators as per the latest technology & design of the Company, ING. L. & A., BOSCHI, ITALY ITALY. This technology has been proven all over the world for its working efficiency & trouble free operation. The air seperation column of BOSCHI has state of the art distillation trays, special high efficiency exchangers/condenser to produce a high yield of Nitrogen by separation of Liquid Air, which results in very low pressure & low power consumption.

Specifications of the model UBLN 10 nitrogen generator:

  • Capacity: 10l/hr
  • Purity: 99.90%
  • Power: 38kW
  • Power Supply: 380-440V
  • Spce Required: 3mx6m
  • Assembly Height: 3M
  • Approx Weight: 3.9t
  • Air Separation Column: Type-Boschi

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