875 Karl Fischer Gas Analyzer from Metrohm

Metrohm’s 875 KF gas analyzer is a fully automated instrument specifically designed for measuring trace levels of water in both permanent and liquefied gases.

The instrument applies the coulometric Karl Fischer titration method, which enables fast and precise analyses. It is suitable for a wide range of gases.

The 875 KF has a built-in evaporator that helps in analyzing liquefied gases. The following gases can be examined with this instrument:

  • Petrochemicals, such as butane, butene, butadiene, propane and propene
  • Refrigerants like HFC, CFC, and CHC compounds
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as ethyl chloride, methyl chloride, and vinyl chloride
  • Liquefied petroleum and natural gas
  • Other gases, such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and dimethyl ether

The gas analyzer includes a number of features, which make analyses both safe and robust. All parts are integrated in a single platform and the instrument’s electronic components and gas-carrying components are manually separated.

The 875 KF can even handle gas pressures up to 40bar. In addition, an integrated oil filter ensures that the remaining oil is removed from the gas, and the inlet filter ensures that particulate matter does not block the pipes.

With preconfigured methods and fully assembled components, the 875 KF gas analyzer is easy to use. A mass flow controller and software-controlled magnetic valves facilitate fully automated operation. Once the method has been started, results can be obtained within minutes.

Key Features

The main features of the 875 Karl Fischer gas analyzer are as follows:

  • Accurate and versatile
  • A ready-made, automated, fast system
  • Safe and robust analyses
  • Complete system integrated into a single housing
  • Ideal for high gas pressures
  • Software control ensures simple and fully automated analysis
  • Allows precise analysis of a wide range of gases, including liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, petrochemicals, and refrigerants

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