915 Karl Fischer Ti-Touch Volumetric Titrator from Metrohm

The 915 KF Ti-Touch is a volumetric KF titrator for normal day-to-day applications. The instrument has been developed with a small footprint and is user-friendly.

It has a range of features to make work easy such as shortcuts for favourite methods, colour touch screens, KF icons showing the instrument status, to name a few.

Key Features

The key features of the 915 Karl Fischer Ti-Touch Titrator are:

  • Stand-alone titrator with all components integrated
  • Accurate and safe handling of KF reagent, thanks to Dosino technology and integrated pump
  • KF icons help knowing whether conditioning is still being performed or the titration can be commenced
  • Since the stirrer, buret and the touch control unit are combined in one case, the 915 KF Ti Touch occupies little space
  • The titrator also features a touch screen display
  • There is an option to create shortcuts to initiate favourite methods with a single button
  • There is no need for a PC with the 915 KF Ti-Touch Ethernet cable and there is no need to worry about network integration and data security
  • It is possible to create tamper-proof PDF reports on the instruments and save the same on a USB stick or transfer to the LIMS or intranet through an Ethernet connection
  • Contact with the KF reagent can be prevented because the 915 KF Ti-Touch makes use of Dosino dosing devices
  • Reagent exchange is highly convenient with a click of a button, thanks to the built-in pump and the Dosino
  • The titrator also features a safety-stop function for preventing overflow of the titration cell at the time of conditioning

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