The Dosimat plus is capable of handling all kinds of dosing and liquid handling tasks. It is an ideal instrument for advanced laboratories.

The Dosimat plus can be used as an independent system and can be manually controlled. If a Titrino or Titrino plus titrator is being used, then the Dosimat plus can be used as an automated dosing device for the titrator.

For ease of operation, the instrument can be connected to a computer mouse, a keyboard, or a printer through USB.

The Dosimat plus system comprises four dosing modes to match different applications. They are as follows:

  • DOS (dosing) - This mode enables dosing at the click of a button, and is especially suitable for manual titrations with a color indicator.
  • XDOS (extended dosing) - Parameters, such as volume, dosing rate, and dosing time, can be specified. This helps users to perform time-controlled dosing, to dose a fixed volume at a specific rate, or to dose at a constant rate.
  • CNT D (content dosing) - This is used for preparing standards or other solutions.
  • LQT (liquid transfer) - This mode is used for diluting and pipetting applications.

Key Features

The main features of the Dosimat plus are as follows:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy liquid handling for routine tasks
  • User-friendly with auxiliary devices (optional)
  • Four dosing modes to handle specific applications
  • High precision with smart exchange unit (dosing with a precision of 10000 increments per cylinder volume)
  • Stirrers and printers can be optionally connected, and are recognized and configured automatically.

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