Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation for Ion Chromatography

Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) is designed to eliminate manual sample preparation for ion chromatography.

MISP includes several techniques developed by Metrohm that will enable users to fully automate the preparation of all types of samples. These techniques will not only help with improving sample throughput but also enhancing precision and reproducibility of analyses and results.

Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration is a combination of injection and filtration, thus eliminating any particles from the sample. This ensures that the analytical column is safe from contamination and extends its service life considerably.

Metrohm Logical Inline Dilution enables automatic dilution of the sample based on predefined concentration limits. Metrohm Inline Dialysis removes particles as well as colloids and oil drops from the sample to be analyzed.

Metrohm intelligent Pick-up Injection (MiPuT) is ideal for sample volumes as small as a few µL. There is no sample loss. Metrohm intelligent Partial Loop Injection (MiPT) automatically alters the injection volume to match the concentration of the sample.

With Metrohm Inline Extraction, water-soluble components are transferred from a non-polar organic phase into an aqueous phase for subsequent injection. This can be used for cation analysis in biodiesel.

Metrohm Inline Matrix Elimination helps in separating ionic analytes from the uncharged matrix without the need for sample preparation cartridges (SPE). It can be used for ion analysis in organic solvents.

Metrohm Inline Neutralization alters the pH of samples so as to avoid interferences with the analysis of anions. When this method is coupled to Metrohm Inline Preconcentration, trace anion analysis can be performed.

Metrohm Inline Preconcentration makes use of a preconcentration column rather than a sample loop. This is suited for trace analysis down to the ng/L concentration range.

Metrohm Inline Calibration allows calibration of any standard concentration in the ng/L range through the use of a single standard solution at the µg/L level. This enables precise and reliable measurements down to the single-digit ng/L range.

PILS is a sample preparation module that samples aerosol particles from an air stream and transforms them into the aqueous phase. Then the water-soluble ionic fraction can be tested using dual channel ion chromatography.

The 815 Robotic Soliprep is capable of homogenizing, extracting, diluting, and filtering any solid samples for further analysis by ion chromatography or HPLC, whenever needed.

MARGA can perform aerosol fraction of ambient air as well as gathers the ionic load of the gas fraction and transforms it into the aqueous phase for ensuing analysis by dual channel ion chromatography.

CIC allows sample digestion by pyrolysis in an oven unit. The ensuing gaseous compounds are passed into an absorption solution, and then transferred to a Metrohm ion chromatograph for successive injection and analysis. CIC is a method that is chosen for determining sulfur and various halogens in matrices, ranging from solids to liquid, viscous and gaseous samples.

Key Features

The main features of the Metrohm inline sample preparations are:

  • Fully automated inline sample preparation for viscous, solid, liquid and gaseous samples
  • Extends lifetime of analytical column
  • Greatly reduces time per analysis
  • Eliminates manual steps
  • Reduces risk of contamination
  • Enables ultra-trace analysis

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