Comprehensive Analysis with the TitrIC Vario Pro Combined Measurement System from Metrohm

The detailed analysis of ionic components in water may need direct measurement, ion chromatography, titration and voltammetry. TitrIC Vario pro integrates these techniques into a single analytical system, which is controlled easily by the proven Metrohm MagIC Net software.

From the time the sample table has been filled and the start button triggered, TitrIC Vario pro allows completely unattended, automated operation. If any parameter does not comply with the specifications, TitrIC Vario pro provides an error message to the mobile and/or by email.

The system can be shut down on command. It is possible to upgrade TitrIC vario pro any time with work and time saving accessories for Metrohm inline sample preparation for inline dilution.

Key Features

The key features of the TitrIC Vario pro are:

  • Completely automated analysis of all ionic components
  • Results for each technique are combined in a single report
  • A single autosampler for three analytical techniques (direct measurements, titration, and IC)
  • Compatible with Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) techniques
  • Compliant with FDA
  • Easy to use
  • TitrIC Vario pro helps running only a titration and determine conductivity, or use, just ion chromatography, or the complete scope of the system, including ion chromatography.

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