Easy Non-Destructive Sample Measurement: NIRS XDS MasterLab Analyzer by Metrohm

The NIRS XDS MasterLab Analyzer, available from Metrohm, is an application-specific NIR system designed for fast non-destructive measurements of liquids, solids and tablets. Based on XDS near-infrared (NIR) technology, the XDS MasterLab can substitute routine tests, speed up the production process, and reduce quarantine time.

The NIRS XDS MasterLab supports spectral acquisition in an unattended mode, and thus frees the operator to analyze data, prepare other samples, etc. Precise analysis is obtained simply at the press of a key. In addition, the user-friendly network-capable Vision® software allows easy implementation of identification, quantitative, and qualitative.

NIRSystems XDS Analyzers -- Pharmaceutical Testing

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Key Features

The main features of the NIRS XDS MasterLab Analyzer are:

  • XDS NIR technology ensures simple utilization and seamless method transferability
  • Integrated, adjustable spot size for improved sample illumination
  • Automated transmission or reflectance analysis of a tray with vials or tablets
  • Analysis from fine powders to coarse granular materials
  • Exchangeable modules in ongoing operations
  • Network-capable Vision® software.

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