IC Vario Device by Metrohm for Sample Preparation

Metrohm offers the new Professional IC Vario system that provides the ultimate flexibility expected from an Ion Chromatograph. The system has a smart and versatile design that enables users to easily integrate sample preparation without compromising their workspace. Users can also benefit from faster start-up time and easier detection with components that are automatically optimized by the system software.

The Professional IC Vario systems are available with a range of conductivity, UV-VIS or electrochemical detectors. Anion configurations come with low, medium or high capacity suppressors.

940 Professional IC Vario

Whether users are analyzing anions or cations, Metrohm has a system to suit specific application needs. The company offers the 942 extension modules, which provide unlimited possible configurations to meet almost any requirements in the field of Ion Chromatography.

Key Features

The main features of the Professional IC Vario system are:

  • Sequential suppression with inline pre-concentration
  • Sequential suppression with inline dialysis or ultrafiltration (Prep1)
  • Inline calibration or inline matrix elimination (Prep 2)
  • Sequential suppression with inline neutralization and inline cation removal (Prep 3)
  • Chemical suppression followed by CO2 suppression (sequential suppression)
  • Anions, cations and ancat dual systems
  • Anion systems with or without suppression
  • High pressure or low pressure gradient.

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