Combustion Ion Chromatography from Metrohm

Metrohm greatly extends the scope of ion chromatography by offering universal, highly sensitive detection systems, such as IC-MS and IC-ICP/MS, as well as interfacing Metrohm ion chromatographs with advanced sampling systems, such as CIC, MARGA, and PILS.

Metrohm IC in combination with the company’s portfolio of complementary technologies, such as voltammetry and titration, is another option. Dedicated multi-parameter analysis can be performed on a single system with TitrIC and VoltIC, respectively.

Monitor for Aerosols and Gases or MARGA is a solution designed for online monitoring of ambient air. It gathers the ionic load, i.e., anions and cations, from the aerosol and the gas fraction of a defined volume of ambient air. The ionic load is then brought into solution, and injected into a dual channel ion chromatograph for further analysis.

The Particle Into Liquid Sampler or PILS involves transferring aerosols from a defined volume of ambient air into the aqueous phase. It is possible to interface PILS with any Metrohm ion chromatograph for multi-parameter analysis of aerosols.

With Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC), the range of automated ion chromatography is extended to all types of combustible samples. CIC involves sample digestion by pyrolysis in an oven unit, followed by passing the resulting gaseous compounds into an absorption solution and then transferring them into a Metrohm ion chromatograph for subsequent injection and analysis.

CIC is an ideal option for determination of sulfur and different halogens in matrices, ranging from solids to viscous, liquid, and gaseous samples. It complies with standard such as, ASTM D7359-08, UOP991-11, ASTM D5987-96(2007), and ASTM WK 24757.

Key Advantages of CIC

The major benefits of CIC are as follows:

  • Qualification and quantification of concentrations for each of the different halogens
  • For fully automated routine analysis
  • Superior to offline digestion techniques with respect to sample throughput and accuracy of results

Key Applications for CIC

CIC finds use in the following applications:

  • Foods such as oils, spices, flavorings and fragrances
  • Pharmaceutical products, including raw substances, intermediates, and finished products
  • Coloring agents, such as paints and pigments
  • Various types of plastics
  • Diverse range of fuels, including gasoline, crude oil, kerosene, heating oil, propane, coal, butane, catalysts, and natural gas
  • Electronic components, such as insulation, cables, resin, and printed circuit boards
  • Environmentally relevant substances, which include activated carbon, glass, plastic waste and oil

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