894 Professional CVS Semi-Automated for the Determination of Organic Additives

The 894 Professional CVS semiautomated is an easy-to-use, sophisticated routine analyzer. It is used for the estimation of organic additives in electroplating baths using Cyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping (CPVS), Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping (CVS) and Chronopotentiometry (CP).

The well-established Metrohm electrode method, in combination with the high-performance viva software and the latest potentiostat/galvanostat, creates new perspectives in CVS. The measuring head, which is replaceable, facilitates fast changes among different applications with diverse electrodes. The potentiostat consists of a certified calibrator which has the capacity to automatically readjust itself before each and every measurement, guarenteeing maximum precision. The built-in temperature measurement input allows users to observe the temperature of the solution throughout the measurement.

The two 800 Dosinos provided allows the addition of auxiliary solutions automatically during the estimation, e.g., VMS, standard solutions or samples for the Dilution Titration technique (DT).

The viva software is needed to control, to record data and evaluate.

It is provided with a wide range of accessories and a measuring head for the rotating disk electrodes. The viva license and the electrode set must be ordered individually.

Optional Accessories

The optional accessories for the 894 Professional CVS Semi-Automated System are as follows:

  • 2.800.0010 - 800 Dosino
  • 6.1110.120 - Pt1000 temperature sensor
  • 6.1454.130 - Form seal made of FPM for 61414xxx
  • 6.2104.140 - Electrode cable / 1 m / 2 x 2 mm
  • 6.5339.000 – CVS electrode apparatus along with 1 mm platinum electrode for the Professional VA/CVS instruments
  • 6.5339.010 – CVS electrode apparatus along with 2 mm platinum electrode for the Professional VA/CVS instruments
  • 6.5339.020 – CVS electrode apparatus along with 3 mm platinum electrode for the Professional VA/CVS instruments
  • 6.5339.500 - Equipment with 2 dosing units for the VA and CVS measurements

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