875 KF Gas Analyzer for Coulometric Water Content Measurement by Metrohm

The 875 KF gas analyzer offered by Metrohm is a complete configured system specifically designed for automatic determination of coulometric water content in permanent and liquefied gases.

The gas analyzer is easy to use and has a rugged construction. It has a separate electronic area and gas-carrying system, and is fitted with an oil filter, an inlet filter to separate particles, and an integral evaporator for liquefied gases.

The 875 KF is also equipped with a mass flow controller to provide accurate gas flow measurement. In addition, magnetic valves ensure a fully automated measuring procedure.

Key Features

The main features of the 875 KF gas analyzer are:

  • Automated analysis process
  • Predefined analysis methods
  • Complete system with robust components for pressures up to 40 bar and for high flexibility
  • Separation of the gas-carrying system from the electronics and the power supply
  • Oil filter for removing oil residue
  • Integrated vaporizer for liquefied gases
  • Input filter to prevent the introduction of particles by the sample
  • Accurate gas measurement with mass flow measurement instrument
  • All components are integrated in a single housing.
875 KF Gas Analyzer for water analysis in liquefied gases

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The applications of the 875 KF gas analyzer are:

  • Measurement of water content in propane, propene, butane, butene, butadiene, LPG, dimethyl ether
  • Vinyl chloride, methyl chloride, ethyl chloride
  • HFC, CFC, CHC, fresh and used refrigerants with chiller oil contents.

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