ICON Analyzer for Monitoring a Variety of Components in Water

The ICON Analyzer device is designed to measure photometric absorption measurements in the visible light range. With differential absorbance colorimetry (DAC), the analyzer can compensate for the sample’s turbidity and color by measuring before and after the addition of the color reagent.

The photometer module consists of a long-life LED source and a heated cuvette with a light path of 2.4 cm. A broad set of parameters can be controlled with the help of software in addition to the analysis results. Calibration errors, low reagent level alarms, and loss of samples are some of the examples of the alarms that can be registered into a database, or can be transmitted to the control room to gain an additional review from the operator. The software provides a number of user levels that are appropriate for any operator.

The plug and analyze feature allows users to simply connect the power, reagent lines, and sample, making the system fully operational.

The following list of components can be measured with the help of the analyzer using the DAC method: ammonia, chromium, cyanide, iron, nickel, nitrite, phosphate, zinc, aluminum, chlorine, copper, hydrazine, manganese, nitrate, phenol, and silica.

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