Aqualog Benchtop Fluorometer

HORIBA Scientific has launched a new compact, benchtop fluorometer called Aqualog which is capable of determining fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices (EEMs) and absorbance spectra simultaneously.

When compared to other instruments, users can acquire the EEMs by up to 100x faster. Additionally, a dedicated software is capable of automating traceable Quinine Sulfate Unit calibration and rectifying inner-filter effects and Raman and Rayleigh lines. These aspects allow instant export to modeling algorithms such as PARAFAC.

The instrument provides deep UV absorbance as well as fluorescence excitation from 200 nm. It also functions as a completely automated sample queue tool to allow constant analysis, data acquisition and export for instant multivariate examination through the Solo package available from Eigenvector Research, a partner of HORIBA Scientific.

Key Features

Product features of the Aqualog Benchtop Fluorometer are:

  • Automatic sample changer option (2 or 4 position)
  • Double grating excitation monochromator for excellent stray light rejection
  • Corrected UV-VIS absorbance detection path for precision and stability
  • Concurrent absorbance-fluorescence system
  • Matching bandpass for fluorescence and absorbance spectra
  • TE-cooled CCD fluorescence emission detector allows instant data acquisition up to 100x faster over other comparable benchtop instruments
  • Can be used with titrator and flow cells


  • Kinetic and spectral analysis tools for fluorescence and absorbance data
  • Fully NIST-traceable rectified fluorescence spectra is automatically created
  • Optimized experiment set-up menus reduce user configuration time
  • Techniques and batch protocols for automating numerous sample measurement


Specifications of the Aqualog Benchtop Fluorometer are provided in the table below:

Wavelength Range 240 to 630 nm
Resolution 1 nm
Detector(s) TE-cooled back-illuminated CCD and a Si photodiode
Light Source 150W Xe Lamp


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