The GD-Profiler 2™ from HORIBA Scientific is designed for the characterization of coatings, surfaces and interfaces for applications such as ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, galvanization, nitriding, PVD/CVD coatings, paints, ceramics, glass, photovoltaic materials and energy storage, including Li-ion batteries.
It offers fast elemental depth profiling for conductive and non-conductive materials, from the first nanometer down to 150 µm. All elements from Hydrogen to Uranium can be measured, including Nitrogen, Oxygen, Lithium and Fluorine. #

The GD-Profiler 2™ is powered by a patented radio-frequency source that can operate in pulsed mode and by a high-resolution simultaneous spectrometer. Many patented accessories are extending its capabilities to address more analytical challenges: direct thickness measurement, organic layers, air sensitive samples, rough samples, etc.

Key Features

Glow Discharge Source

  • Radio-frequency-generator for conductive and non-conductive samples
  • Patented pulsed mode operation to ensure integrity of fragile samples and avoid diffusion of light elements during sputtering
  • Double-pumping for optimal crater shape and accurate depth profile analysis

High-Resolution Spectrometer

  • Paschen-Runge polychromator using holographic ion-etched blazed grating and MgF2 components for optimal light transmission in the UV for the measurement of H, C, N, O and Cl
  • Spectral range from 110 to 800 nm to cover all elements, including H, N, O, K, Li and F
  • HDD detection for real-time optimized sensitivity: high sensitivity for low signals and extended dynamic range for intense signals with no compromise on the speed of acquisition

Unique Accessories

  • Differential Interferometry Profiling, DiP (patented) for direct measurement of crater depth, layer thickness and sputtering rate removing the need for sputtering rate tables
  • Ultra-Fast Sputtering, UFS (patented) allowing fast sputtering of polymer layers and the analysis of hybrid inorganic/organic samples with excellent depth resolution
  • Monochromator using holographic ion-etched holographic grating for addition of any element within a depth profile
  • Lithium bell (patented) for the analysis of air-sensitive samples
  • Special kits for special samples: non-flat, tubes, rods, small samples

Quantum™ Software

  • Multitasking and multilingual interface
  • Real-time display of signals and ultra-fast data treatment with multiple smoothing algorithms and automatic detection of interfaces
  • Intelligent quantification models
  • Multiple reports and exports formats


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