Raman CCD Spectrometer - MINI-CCT+

The Raman CCD spectrometer offers a dynamic range and high sensitivity for OEM Raman hand-held applications.

  • Three Raman laser ranges: 532 nm, 660 nm, and 785 nm
  • High throughput (f/3.1)
  • 7000:1 dynamic range
  • Ultra-miniaturization with CCD USB 2.0 electronics
  • VIS- or NIR-optimized back-illuminated CCD
  • SMA or permanent fiber-optic connection
  • CCT optical layout (Crossed-Czerny-Turner)

It is available only for US OEM customers.


Feature Benefits for Spectroscopy
Raman range with 785 nm 210 to 2700 cm–1 coverage
High dynamic range 7000:1 with low readout-noise of 35 e
Back-illuminated linear CCD QE=77% at 600 nm;55% at 850 nm with VIS-optimized (NIR-optimized option: yields 75% QE at 850 nm)
USB 2.0 high and full-speed Standard connection interfaces to PCs with 100% data integrity
Windows® acquisition software and LabVIEW™ VIs and DLLs available Software to integrate MINI-CCT+ as an OEM component
No moving parts or shutter Excellent reliability for OEM integration

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