Compact Hyperspectral Cathodoluminescence - F-CLUE

HORIBA Scientific’s F-CLUE microscope is an optical fiber-coupled solution that provides a versatile interface for cathodoluminescence imaging and spectroscopy analysis.

Owing to its sturdy ultra-compact footprint and deported spectroscopy segments, it can be set up even on very busy microscopes and/or in tough industrial settings or under extreme conditions (mobile laboratories, cleanroom, etc.)

Similar to the entire CLUE series, its small and fully retractable collection interface provides the opportunity to upgrade CL on any commercial microscope, without limiting performance.

The mirror’s accurate video-assisted micropositioning permits improvement of collection efficiency, and ensures top performance and reproducibility of the CL measurement.

Managed by Labspec 6™ Simply Powerful software suite, the F-CLUE comprises of advanced, exclusive capabilities for both quick imaging and spectroscopy analysis (SWIFT, particle finder, cosmic ray removal, advanced 3D display, KIA spectral database, peak fitting, mosaic, multivariate analysis, etc.)

Key Features

The F-CLUE, a versatile solution suitable for any type of environment, has the following features:

  • Selection of parabolic or ellipsoidal retractable mirror to suit all sample types and applications
  • Sturdy optical fiber interface
  • Imaging and/or hyperspectral CL
  • Fully motorized spectrometer
  • Driven by LabSpec 6™ Software
  • Optional RGB filters

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